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Luigi Starace

Born in Italy and migrated to the US 17 years ago i found myself starting from the very bottom facing several initial problems, one of those being the language. I've always been the type of person that never gives up, so my US experience had to work, and it did work. Today i'm the owner of a pizzeria called Pizza Blitz of Quarry Lake (cooking is my all time passion, i'm Italian), i'm the father of 3 beautiful kids and the husband of my beautiful Michelle which is also my business partner in a project called Anecdote as well as my childhood friend Chris Gulli.

  • 2622 Quarry Lake Dr Baltimore, MD 21209.
  • +1 (443) 401-6021

My Professional Skills

Over the years i've also grown an interest for screenwriting and film making, which has led me to study and research more and more about the subject. I believe i've learned a lot from it, primarily how to have a different prospective about the world in general and second how to be empathic. Beside being the CEO of Anecdote Holdings I'm also the CEO of Anecdote Film Group, a US based production company for young, indie film producers and support them on the distribution and marketing of their creation.

Leadership 90%
Creative Writing 850%
Screen Writing 95%
Cooking 90%

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    I'm a very easy going dude, always open to new collaborations, if you think you have an interesting film project or even a great recipe, i want to hear all about it.


    2622 Quarry Lake Dr Baltimore, MD



    +1 (443) 478-9800


    +1 (443) 753-6213